On my way to tn. Finally get to see my family. I am extremely stoked. Its been 4 years since i have been able to. I just can’t wait to arrive.


Missing Tori!

Well i got to spend the weekend witg my sweet angel Victoria. It is so hard not being able to see her as much as i want. I miss her more and more every day. It broke my heart to see her leave. I have my three oldest children that live with me full time but i still have that void in my heart with little Tori gone. She is my sweet angel and love her so much. But we had a great time just the two of us. I don’t understand how any parent could possibly go with out their babies around. Shame shame on their souls.


Well i almost forgot about my blog this week. Got alot of my projects started this week. Did a little bit of tattoo work for an old friend.  Turned out really nice.  I managed to finish a tile project and a bowl that i was doing for an instructor.  Got some new ideas flowing through my mind and hopefully i can get some more spare time to start knocking them out as well. It feels good to actually accomplish some stuff.

Time off

It has been a long yet great weekend. I was able to spend alot of time with friends and family. My cousin was married this weekend, I hope that everything goes well on his behalf. All of my kids went off to see family and I was left in peace. Not something that happens very often these days. I love my kids and love being with them but every parent needs to take a break every now and then. I hope everyone else had as good of a weekend as I did.


This has nothing to do with tattoos but it bugs me. Friday afternoon i am sitting outside doing some yard work. It was a beautiful day and then some clown with his fast lil car wanted to speed up and down my street. Its 25 mph and i get sick of all these people that want to run between 50 anf 70 mph. I have called the cops over and over. It never seems to fix anything. I have kids and on top of that people walk this neighborhood all day long. I guess its going to take an accident before something gets done. Today, Sunday, the cops chase someone down my road at the least running 70 mph. Thank god my kids were not riding bicycles today.

Getting in the door.

Been doing alot of thinking. I only have a little bit longer with my college life, so i was thinking about trying to get my foot in the door at a Tattoo shop. Follow one of my life long dreams. Just another way to extend my art career. I have always wanted to own my own tattoo shop. Just something I have been contemplating for a while now.

Money is not happiness.

I have been watching several different shows on tv about tattooing and i have to say i am not very impressed.  It just seems to me that tattooing is not about the art anymore. Most of the people that I see on these shows do not show the heart you would expect to see in an artist. It seems like more and more people are doing it because they think its fast easy money. If i go to get a tattoo i want an artist that is going to enjoy what they are doing gor me,  not how much money they get out of my pocket for their crappy art work.